NET TRADE Robert Lendzion
Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 26A
03-964 Warszawa


  1. The condition for receiving a club card is to provide personal data.
  2. Exercise on their own responsibility declare that they do not have any medical or health contraindications to use fully all machines and fitness equipment. The club is not responsible for accidents and other health consequences.
  3. The basis for participation in the classes is having a club card with a valid fee, and taking a photo (in case of refusal to take a photo, please sign a statement declaring your presentation of your ID card along with the club card). In the event of the Customer resigning from classes after buying a subscription, the money is not refundable, / regardless of the reason /.
  4. It is possible to suspend a 30-day OPEN subscription once for a period of 7 days. In the case of passes for the number of entries, it is possible to postpone unused entries, subject to payment for the next month before the expiry of the current subscription.
  5. A single entry for a member means OPEN entry, which is unlimited time at the gym. In the case of fitness classes, a single entry applies to specific classes from the schedule. If a person wanting to use a single entry does not have a club card, they are obliged to leave a deposit for the key of PLN 20.
  6. All fitness classes have to be enrolled and a deposit of PLN 20 must be paid – details in the regulations for enrollment in fitness classes –
  7. In the event that the exerciser has an active ticket but does not have a club card with him, he is required to show an ID document and leave a deposit for the key of PLN 20.
  8. Withdrawing the club card to a third party will result in the loss of the card without a refund.
  9. In the event of losing the club card, the Exerciser is obliged to purchase a duplicate card, the cost of which is PLN 20.
  10. A towel, sports outfit and a change of footwear to sportswear apply to all participants. Failure to do so may result in refusal of admission to classes without the right to a refund for missed training.
  11. Please contact our employees with any problems regarding the use of club equipment.
  12. Club members are obliged to comply with order, proper behavior and expression in a way that does not interfere with others’ use of the club. Smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited.
  13. The club is not responsible for items left in the cloakrooms, other rooms and on its premises.
  14. The owner reserves the right to set club opening hours and days.
  15. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations is associated with consequences, including expulsion from the club.
  16. Losing or destroying the wristband with the key is associated with a financial penalty of PLN 30.
  17. Please be advised that the administrator of your personal data, hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator” is Mr. Robert Lendzion, conducting business under the company NET TRADE Robert Lendzion with a place of business in Warsaw at Al. USA 26, which you can contact at the email address or contact phone number: (22) 673 87 34. The legal basis for the processing of your data is the agreement between you and the Administrator, hereinafter referred to as: “Agreement”, the conclusion of which occurs as a result of the acquisition of membership and for the implementation of which the processing of your data is necessary. Your personal data is processed only for the purposes of the Agreement and the rights and claims arising therefrom. Providing personal data by you is not mandatory, but failure to provide them will make it impossible to conclude and perform the Agreement. Your data will be stored no longer than necessary, i.e. for a period of 3 years from the date of termination or expiry of the Agreement. You have the right to request the Administrator to access your data, rectify, transfer and delete it, as well as the right to limit data processing. In connection with the processing of your personal data by the Administrator, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

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