Spatial, air-conditioned gym room is equipped with devices at the highest world level.

Regular exercise in the gym will help shape your figure, strengthen all muscle groups, and improve the cardiovascular system.

The gym has also gained a lot of interest among women who are increasingly appreciating the benefits of this form of physical activity. Treadmills, bikes and devices that allow you to perform exercises without unnecessary load on the joints, which our gym is equipped with, mean that there are more and more ladies among our clients.

Every Customer those starting exercises at the OLIMPIA club receive an individual exercise program , designed by experienced specialists depending on its requirements, needs and capabilities. You can use the PERSONAL TRAINING , then the instructor only looks after you.

The spacious and fully equipped fitness room in our club ensures optimal training conditions. The variety of classes, from Yoga to dance classes, allows you to adjust the intensity of exercise to your options.

Regular use of the sauna strengthens the body’s immunity, improves mood, physical condition and appearance of the skin. After physical exertion, a stay in the sauna helps to relax muscles and regenerate strength. In addition to skin and muscle benefits, regular visits to the sauna are conducive to health. It helps in slimming and detoxifying the body. Using the sauna throughout the year can be a simple way to protect yourself against colds.

What gives us a sauna?

  • activates the cardiovascular system
  • stimulates the work of the heart
  • has a positive effect on metabolism
  • getting rid of a large dose of calories
  • makes us accustomed to temperature changes – it harden the body
  • eliminates the so-called “breaking in the bones” and helps with rheumatic diseases
  • cleanses and rejuvenates our skin
  • relaxes mentally
  • has a significant effect on the immune system and the systemic thermoregulatory process
  • the body sweats out harmful toxins and metabolites from the body
  • is recommended primarily as a prevention, because regular treatments strengthen the immune system, increasing resistance to infection.

Contraindications to use the sauna:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • acute infections (bronchitis, flu)
  • hyperthyroidism
  • varices
  • pregnancy
  • fresh post-traumatic wounds
  • infectious and cancer diseases
  • epilepsy
  • menstrual
  • skin changes

For all customers of our club free sauna – one-time entrance for people from outside 20PLN.

  • Reasonable use improves skin tone
  • Under the influence of light, endorphins are formed in the body – happiness hormones
Each boxing participant can additionally buy a gym pass with a 20% discount from the OLIMPIA FITNESS CLUB. Details at the club reception.

He leads classes: Piotr Bartnicki (A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, boxing trainer, kickboxing instructor.)

Sport achievements:

  • Amateur World Champion in kickboxing
  • Vice champion of the world in amateur boxing
  • Professional kick boxing European champion
  • Two-time vice-champion of amateur Europe
  • Polish kick boxing champion

Massage room invites:

Types of massage
Curative (discopathies, sciatica, low back, neck and neck pain, dizziness, limb numbness and others)
Slimming (firming)
Modeling the Chinese bubble
Lymphatic drainage

Emilia Zielińska – A graduate of the University of Physical Education in Warsaw (MSc in Physiotherapy)

  • three years of work experience in a rehabilitation clinic
  • multiple medalist of the Polish Rowing Championships (AZS-AWF Warsaw)
  • multiple street medalist at distances from 5km to marathons (Legia Warsaw rider)
  • hobby: Sport (running, strength training), mountaineering
  • zodiac sign – fish.
  • records under phone number. 692 375 016, please also visit our partner’s website
We invite you to run training:

Details on the site

Fitness Club OLIMPIA - bieganie

Piotr Głuchowski – diet and training consultations

Professional bodybuilder (World, European and Polish Champion in bodybuilding in heavy category)

Advisor and specialist in the field of bodybuilding and nutritional support for active people.

If you want to use the consultation, we invite you to Olimpia Fitness Club.
Please make an appointment by phone in advance.

Piotr Głuchowski 698 051 141

We invite you to the club bar and shop.

We offer dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, slimming preparations, preparations for increasing muscle mass, bars and protein drinks.

You are interested in a specific product – if we do not have it, we will import it for you.