STEP & FAT BURNING Do you like dancing to the beat of good music? Do you want to effectively burn excess weight while having great fun? We have something for you. Dance aerobics are slimming exercises of the aerobic type, but combined in dance steps, so you can have fun and sculpt your figure at the same time. Dance aerobics is ideal for people who love to dance

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 800

FORM IN PREGNANCY – classes for pregnant women who want to actively prepare for motherhood. Exercises contain elements of safe fitness, gentle stretching and breathing techniques. They improve the mobility and stability of the joints, spine, hips and sacroiliac joints, which are particularly exposed to overload during pregnancy. Workouts are safe, adapted to the capabilities of the exercisers.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 250

FIT MUM are fitness classes for women with children, including babies depending on Mom’s well-being. Joint activities make it possible to increase the bond between mother and child. They allow for faster recovery from pre-pregnancy without having to part with the baby. The goal of the exercises is to combine relaxation, rest and fun with improving the condition and improving the well-being of every mother. Classes combine elements of ABT, BS, pilates and stretching classes. Exercises are conducted at a pace that will not hurt children, and the music and its volume is adjusted to the hearing of small clients.

time: 60 min, calories burned: up to 250

it is a fat burning workout devoted mainly to the abdominal muscles. These classes increase the efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory systems. To achieve a perfect effect, your back muscles are also shaped during exercise.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 575

PILATES strengthening and stretching muscles of the whole body. Classes with relaxing music allow for your own pace of exercise and full concentration over the work of all muscles.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 250

BARBELLS these are classes with a special barbell, thanks to which you can adjust the load according to your needs. Barbells attracts the biggest fitness fans with its simplicity and quick effects. Classes are focused on strengthening and slimming the muscles of the whole body and accelerating fat burning.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 560

FORM PROJECT are classes designed to improve fitness, build strength, endurance, increase performance. In addition to better form, we also gain a better figure. Great emphasis on correct technique. 

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 560

TBC this mysterious name hides the abbreviation of English words “Total Body Conditioning” meaning general development training for the whole body.
Rhythmic exercises with music are suitable for both sexes and all ages. They are perfect for fitness fans. During classes, we use weights, rubber band and balls. TBC exercises shape the figure and do not burden the joints. They help burn unnecessary fat, improve body condition and significantly improve motor coordination.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 600

CROSS TRX – Strength and strength classes, whose main assumption is to improve overall fitness by improving motor skills. Cross-TRX is a training with the use of TRX bands that engage virtually all muscle groups, especially the abdominal and lumbar muscles. The degree of difficulty depends on the angle of the body relative to the ground, each exercise can be adapted to your current capabilities and perform them in a safe way.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 850

SHAPEFUL THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS are classes that are designed to strengthen and tone the lower body. Regular exercise ensures a shapely figure, firm thighs and buttocks.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 575

ZUMBA is a combination of dance and aerobics inspired by Latin rhythms. Zumba is above all GREAT FUN, the participants do not even realize that they are exercising and just come back because they spend an amazing time and after a certain period their results are surprised.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 850

are strengthening classes aimed at the harmonious development of the whole body, the training consists of many exercises that are a combination of functional and bodybuilding training (performed on time) and cardio elements taken and inspired by martial arts, combines elements that affect the development of fitness, coordination, and also strength and dynamic strength.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 737

Jumping fitness

to trening cardio, polegający na ćwiczeniach na jednoosobowej trampolinie wykonywanych w rytm muzyki. Ćwiczenia mogą być bardzo spokojne, polegające na lekkim kołysaniu się na trampolinie, bez wybijania się do góry lub podnoszące tętno (bieg w miejscu albo taniec). Mogą również polegać na skakaniu (obie stopy odrywają się od trampoliny), podczas którego wzmacniają się mięśnie brzucha, pośladków i nóg. Dzięki możliwościom zastosowania wielu ruchów oraz technik jumping fitness zapewnia wszechstronny trening całego ciała (zmuszając mięśnie, zwłaszcza głębokie, do szybkich skurczów), a miękka powierzchnia trampoliny zapewnia amortyzację (w odróżnieniu od twardej ziemi), dlatego nie obciąża stawów.

Regularne treningi na mini trampolinie:

  • wspomagają krążenie limfatyczne poprzez stymulowanie zastawek tego układu
  • dotleniają tkanki oraz zwiększają pojemność płuc
  • poprawiają prace układu krążenia
  • zmniejszają ciśnienie krwi, a także mogą pomóc osobom które wymagają rehabilitacji po problemach z mięśniem sercowym
  • zmniejszają obrzęki
  • zwiększają aktywność funkcjonalną czerwonego szpiku i stymulują go do produkcji czerwonych krwinek
  • przyspieszają przemianę materii
  • stymulują trawienie oraz przyczyniają się do uwalniania toksyn z organizmu
  • wzmacniają mięśnie (zwiększają liczbę mitochondriów w komórkach mięśniowych)
  • poprawiają koordynację ruchową oraz równowagę, zwiększają wydolność organizmu
  • nie obciążają stawów ani kręgosłupa, obniżają stężenie cholesterolu i trójglicerydów we krwi
  • zwiększa wytrzymałość układu mięśniowo-szkieletowego
  • modelują sylwetkę i pozwalają spalić do 1000 kcal na godzinę

czas: 50 min, spalane kalorie: do 1000

AEROBOX is a training combining elements of fitness, boxing and other martial arts (kick-boxing). These dynamic exercises, performed with music, accelerate the rate of fat burning, strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, torso, develop speed, agility and endurance. During one hour of aerobox you can burn up to 600 to 800 calories.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 800

JOGA – Calm mind and body training improving energy flow in the body. Known for thousands of years, yoga practice leads to having a healthy body, teaches you to breathe, relaxes and helps remove stress.

time: 90 min, calories burned: up to 340

X -TRAINING (EXTREME TRAINING) – complete whole body workout, combining aerobic and strength elements, during which you will strengthen and slim your body, burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. The training is peripheral – the trainees move from one station to the next, and the instructor watches over the correct exercise technique and motivates to give even more. TRX and barbell training.

time: 55 min, calories burned: up to 750

EXPRESS FIT – 30-minute intensive interval training and a super fast recipe for fat burning. The training is based on short but intense sequences, divided by short rest periods – all in order to maximize metabolism and make your calories burn many hours after training. The training is recommended not only for women, but also for men, as a perfect complement to strength training.

time: 30 min, calories burned: up to 300

ROLLING – Rolling is really self-massage with a roller (also called a roller or roller). This massage is intended to loosen and hydrate the fascia. It is the tissue that surrounds our muscles, joints, tendons, bones, organs and creates a suit that we wear, under the skin, and which connects all these elements. Poorly hydrated fascia or too tight (which is most often caused by lifestyle or poor training hygiene) has much worse mobility, is susceptible to damage, can cause pain and significantly restricts our mobility and range of motion.